In the Show

A dream that began in the mind of a child who discovered that he could sing, unique sounds came out of his mouth, he managed to evolve it with study, work and discipline.
It was enough to imagine myself on a stage but not even in my imagination I can describe what I felt and still feel, every time I sing to my fans live, whether it is a giant show or private, A big festival with fellow artists or by myself, is an impressive feeling, being able to meet with the people I meet through social media or that we once took a picture in the streets singing our songs together, connect and create pure magic.
To reach those moments I meet with the family I chose, which are the musicians, dancers and the technical team of Paolo Rubboli that make possible these moments that are not repeated but create an unforgettable connection between us.
The theme of each night varies depending on the season and the tour , I hope to see you in one of them and if we have already met, tell me about your experience!

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