Be tenacious and achieve your vocation whatever it is!

Since I was a child I have been passionate about the world of music, the most beautiful songs that a child can hear, believe it or not all those musical notes have incredible colors, some strange and others amazing.
Entering that world and understanding it from a young age is a gift of life, sometimes there are also people who do not understand it. As a child you can have a passion for music or know someone who does, the frustration of a young boy is more painful than a nuclear attack on dreams of one day becoming a singer, a musician,an actor in other words “AN ARTIST” because to create is for which we were born and the vocation chooses you during the childhood, if you have art in the veins, take advantage of it and develop it, art has never been bad but the percentage of failure is from which I´ve seen parents worried by this interest in their children and instead of supporting it and being part of it, has become a fight against art, with phrases like:
– First the school, then the singing or the music. (you can study both at the same time without abandoning your studies)
– There is no money for you to study (you can create without money, I was self-taught, until I prepared myself with no help.)
– Music is not a profession (art is a professional career, longer than any other, and for which oneself prepares his whole life until it dies). No shoemaker was born knowing how to make shoes. He learned it with years of work and dedication.
– No money to earn in this profession (everything you do with love and passion will give you money, if you do your work with passion it will be recommended and therefore there are no limits, the simple fact of being on stage is a win for me, human realization is what we all should seek.
Whatever story you are told never give up, be tenacious and persistent, for everything there comes a time as long as you give your best to achieve it and, if you are a parent support your child who is perhaps much more sensitive than an ordinary child, which deserves to be full and happy doing what he/she loves.

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